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Ah so this is it! You are now a graduate and it's your first day on the job at the National Erudite Research Department (NERD). Sure you never opened a textbook and cheated on your exams, but nobody ever actually needs the stuff they learn in school, right? Even then you picked up enough techno-babble to ace the interview so you sure sound like you know what you are talking about, and isn't that what the 'E' in NERD is all about? Maybe your luck will continue to hold and you won't be found out. I'm sure you'll just be making coffees anyway...



The Pharaoh is dead and has been entombed in his life's work: the Pyramid! Unfortunately for you, he needs souls to aid him in the afterlife. The Pyramid is a mystical place built to allow maximum alignment with the stars, you have heard rumour of strange happenings within its sloped walls. You awaken with a pounding headache deep within the complex. You must keep your wits about you and escape before Osiris can pass judgement on your souls.

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Office Talk

Dynocorp makes everything. In the distant present of the year 2020 Dynocorp are the biggest company in the world, there is no industry they aren't a part of,there are almost no products or services that citizens can buy that aren't a part of the Dynocorp dynasty. You are an insignificant cog in the corporate machine.


Law, Order and Sentencing

A buddy cop RPG for two players and a GM. You'll need your wits about you and a good ear for puns if you want to arrest the supervillain and save the day.